Welcome back to Stick Figure Sunday!

The image is of a cloudy night and forested hills, with lots of little stick figures and a dog saying Awoooooo. Text at the bottom reads “Through the Halloween gloom, the stick figures returned!!!”

I have been thinking about endings and beginnings and restarts and projects, lately.

There are two big projects waiting to launch:

Relaunching An Unexpected Light in a new, easier-to-access format. This means reworking the existing content to break it into 7 smaller courses which can each be taken on their own, or stacked together for the full experience. It was already built in chapters, so this isn’t impossible, but it is going to require a few big blocks of time to sit and focus and rewrite and think through the logistics of costs and textbooks, and record some new video content.

Ending Possibilities in a good way. This means scheduling a series of community conversations and individual conversations to document what we did and learned together and what continues on despite the group formally ending. This will be a significant project and I’m going to give it at least six months from when it launches (which was meant to be in September, but that didn’t happen). Then the results of these conversations will be turned into a digital archive of our work together. My hope is that this will offer some encouragement and a sense of connecting to legacies of bi+ activism and community building for future bi+ activists.

A significant ending (which is also the beginning of a project), and a significant restarting. Both of these projects are important to me, and also really daunting.

I’m tired these days (aren’t we all?). I haven’t really recovered (will I ever?) from my health crashing hard in the spring. So, Stick Figure Sunday.

This project is small, playful, and the stakes are lower.

It’s also a reminder that I can come back to a project whenever I want to – even though it’s been years since the last Stick Figure Sunday, I can still come back to it. This means that my other projects, too, will be waiting for me when I return to them.

There is something hopeful about this.

Hopeful and also ghostly, of course! After all, the stick figures are rising from their slumber on this eeriest of days.