The Next Chapter: Narrative therapy group

The Next Chapter: Narrative therapy group

February can be a hard month for folks who have had a romantic relationship end.

The Next Chapter is a four-week narrative therapy group designed for folks who are figuring out what comes next after a major relationship upheaval.

Space is limited to 6 participants, and all meetings will be held on Zoom, Saturdays from 10:30-12 pm Mountain Time. This is a queer, trans, disability, and polyamory welcoming group.

The cost is $160 ($40 per 90-minute session). Register by email.

Week 1 – Introduction: Where we are and how we got here.
This week will include introducing ourselves, getting to know each other, and talking about our ideas of self and relationship – what it means to be a good or successful person and how our experiences in relationships, including when relationships end, influence how we experience ourselves.

Week 2 – Character study: Who we are and what matters to us
This week we will be talking about what matters to us in relationships, and what it is about ourselves that we value, what might have become obscured or not seen in the relationship that has ended, what we want the people around us to see and know about us.

Week 3 – Plot points: Mapping our way forward after a relationship ends
This week will be a mapping exercise! We’ll use the ‘migration of identity’ narrative therapy practice to figure out where we want to go next.

Week 4 – Conclusion: Skills we’re taking into our next chapter
In addition to naming the skills and hopes we’re taking forward, this week will include an opportunity to reflect back to each other what is moving and meaningful in the stories we’ve learned about each other (in narrative therapy terms, a definitional ceremony).