I keep forgetting to post these Stick Figure Sunday posts on the blog! They’re always on the Facebook page.

Image description: A stick figure juggling blue, purple, and pink balls. Some balls have fallen, one is broken, and one is rolling away.

Today’s #stickfiguresunday is for those of us who are juggling All The Balls.

Or trying, anyway.

Dropping some.

Breaking some. 

Watching some roll away and knowing that if we try and stop them, we’ll just drop even more. 

There’s so much joy in the experience of finding that balance and maintaining the movement – shifting smoothly between projects and priorities, knowing that the next time you need to touch that ball, you’ll be ready. Being busy, being a juggler, being your own perpetual motion machine – it can be delightful!

But it can also be overwhelming, especially when some (or many) of the balls aren’t ones you would choose to be juggling. Navigating an ableist system with disabilities or neurodivergences, or navigating a racist and colonialist system as a person of colour, or navigating a sizeist system in a large body – it means juggling all kinds of bullshit and the balls that fall and break are often the ones you care about most. Your own self-care. Your hobbies. Your friends. The things that bring you joy. 

Juggling is just like anything else – it can be a delight when it’s chosen and it can be soul-crushing when it’s forced. 

So, if you’re juggling today, this is for you!

I have no answers – I’m a juggler, too. 

What I *do* have is intense appreciation for the way we do what we have to do, and for the way we move into moments of delicious kinetic flow sometimes. 

I know that life doesn’t give us the option to stop and start from scratch. But if you have the chance to pick one of those cherished balls back up (or ask a friend to toss it to you), it can be worth it. We often end up juggling everyone else’s priorities before our own, and that can get heavy.

Good luck, friends.