One major transformative project* of your choice

One year of coaching support**

Three pricing levels***

* Seriously, these projects change lives.

** Expert coaching support – this is my jam!

*** Accessibility matters. If finances are a barrier, get in touch.

Your Transformative Year

Do you have an idea for a major transformative project?

Do you want to do a Year of Self-Care, or a Year of Writing, or a Year of Sexual Exploration, or a Year of Playfulness, or Mindfulness, or Independence, or Creativity, or Healing? Or maybe you just want a year that allows you to focus on creating more sustainable self-care practices and wholehearted narratives?

I can help!

Designing and living a transformative year can be one of the most creative, reflective, vulnerable, and empowering things you’ll do for yourself.

These Transformative Year projects build your confidence, deepen your self-awareness, and allow you to reframe a specific aspect of your life in a way that feels sustainable and stable. By giving yourself a year for the project, you make space for the inevitable ups and downs that come with any major transformation. You give yourself room to explore and to grow and to change, and time to observe and reflect and understand the process.

These projects allow you to turn a focused lens onto a particular aspect of yourself – who you are and how you operate in the world – and to develop the skills that will allow you to be who you want to be, and the confidence to know what you need when it comes to that aspect of yourself. And a year is long enough to allow that lens to expand, or narrow – to focus on what needs your attention most, even if you aren’t sure what that is at the beginning.

The Transformative Year package is available in three formats.

The first package is primarily hands-off, and is ideal for folks who have a clear idea of what they want to accomplish, and are self-motivated and confident in their ability to keep moving forward. This package includes a preliminary worksheet for you to complete, a 60-90 minute in-person or Skype session where we will outline the map of the year (including goals, likely challenges, back-up plans, fears, hopes, and other key points), follow-up worksheets to complete over 2-3 weeks, a second short in-person or Skype session to make sure the map looks manageable, and then once a month email check-ins to keep you motivated and help you adjust your course as necessary, and a final 60-90 minute in-person or Skype session at the end of the year. This package is $600.

The second package includes a lot more personal support and coaching. This package is ideal for folks who want more active and focused cheerleading and encouragement, or who are working through a significant amount of healing or processing and need support. It’s also great for folks who struggle to stay focused, and benefit from having more hands-on accountability coaching and support. This package includes the same preliminary worksheet and 60-90 minute session to get started, and is followed by a year of 45-60 minute sessions twice a month, and email and phone/text support whenever you need it. This package is $5000.

The third package is ideal for working through either a smaller issue, or focusing tightly on an issue for a shorter period of time. This is also a great option for accomplishing a goal, like launching a business, writing a book, or addressing a specific issue in your life. This is a six-month package of in-person or Skype sessions twice a month, with email and phone/text support throughout the month. The cost for the six-month intensive is $3000.

You can start your Transformative Year at any time. Whenever you start, is the right time to start.

I have done a Year of Independence, a Year of Self-Care, and a Year of Sexual Recovery, and I tend to start mine either at the beginning of the year or on my birthday. The skills I learned in each have stayed with me, and I continue to see the benefits even now, 15 years after my initial Year of Independence.

I have continued to grow and develop in each of these areas. The confidence I gained in my Year of Independence echoes in my ability to cope with and challenge my ongoing codependency and anxiety over attachment/abandonment (we transform, and our transformations are amazing and meaningful, but some messes stay messy, as G. Willow Wilson says). My practice of intentional self-care has deepened and now includes more playfulness and flexibility, and these skills overlay my independence-building skills and add more nuance and variety to my toolkit. And, because I built that foundation of independence and self-care, I have been able continue to explore my sexuality and challenge the shame and fear that I carried forward from my early sexual experiences.

Our work together can give you the same solid foundation of skills and awareness, so that you can continue to grow in your chosen area of focus long after your Transformative Year project is complete.

This is a six-month or year-long package of coaching support through a transformative project of your choice. The cost is ranges from $600-5000*.

* Accessibility is important. If this is something you want to do, but finances are a barrier, get in touch with me and we can discuss options.

The Year of Self-Care

Learn what you need, and how to give it to yourself. Establish sustainable self-care habits. Practice the gritty self-care of taking responsibility, and the gentle self-care of taking time for tea. Challenge anxieties about being selfish for engaging in self-care. Make space for yourself.

The Year of Independence

Discover your attachment style. Gently challenge anxiety about dependence and independence. Take yourself on dates. Enjoy your own company. Create the space for confident solitude and independence.

The Year of Writing

Write a novel. Write poetry. Write a blog. Write a memoir. Learn who you are as a writer, and support yourself as you develop a meaningful and sustainable writing practice.

The Year of Sexual Discovery

Explore your sexual history and interests. Embrace your sexuality and find ways to safely and consensually explore.

The Year of...

Whatever you want it to be!

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