Image description: A stick figure braces themselves against a wall. From the left, a grey and black cloud approaches and is labeled “Incoming…!!!”. The cloud is filled with the words depression, anxiety, trauma, fear, isolation. The wall is labeled “Brace yourself!” and is backed by the colourful words resilience, connection, self-care, community, compassion, self-awareness, breathing.

Sometimes the fog bearing down on us can feel overwhelming, isolating, petrifying.

There’s so much shame that can come with the cloud – depression, anxiety, trauma, fear, isolation, or whatever else it might be.

So if you’re seeing that cloud bearing down on you, brace yourself.

Find the solid wall to lean against – find your community, find your connection, your awareness, your resilience, your breath. Find whatever you can brace against while the cloud descends and lean on until it dissipates.

You are not alone.

If this is your first time in the cloud, know that many of us have been here and will be here again.

If it’s not your first time, know that you have survived the cloud before.

Find your wall, brace yourself, let yourself be supported.