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We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes

July 30, 2017, 1:30pm - July 30, 2017, 3:30pm

LOFT 112
Loft 112, 535 8 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB  T2G 5S9 Map

Cancer creates reluctant heroes out of many people - not only among those who are struggling with the disease (and the frameworks around it, including heteronormative medical institutions, ableist surrounding cultures, and a "positive thinking" cultural push that can be alienating and harmful), but also among the people supporting cancer patients.

It's basically all heroes*, all the time, when it comes to cancer.

* Heroes are NOT always happy, always courageous, always strong. Heroes don't always keep going. Heroes just do what they can, with what they have, for as long as they can. They have different superpowers - some have the Power of Sass, some have the Power of Optimism, some have the Power of Rage, some have the Power of Introversion, or Extroversion, or Poetry, or Baking, or Swearing Eloquently, or Raising Awareness While Suffering (Why Is It My Job To Educate Medical Professionals About Queer and Trans Identity Anyway, Who Asked For This Superpower Anyway, WTF?!), and others have other powers.

This two hour writing workshop is a fundraiser for the Ride to Conquer Cancer.

It's going to be a lot of fun, and give you some new narrative tools (whether you're personally dealing with cancer in your own life or your social circle, or just dealing with life, which demands its own heroics), and give you the opportunity to help someone else.

The minimum suggested donation is $25. You can pay at the event, or reserve your space by donating in advance and making a note that you're paying for this workshop. The link to donate -

If you're not in Calgary, and can't travel in for the workshop, or you don't want to attend in person but do want to support and participate, your donation will get you the PDF handout of exercises, as well as the opportunity to get some feedback on your writing from Tiffany (who is both a workshop facilitator, a self-care and narrative coach, and, relevantly, a professional editor).

We can be heroes, friends, just for one day. (Sorry, I had to.)

If you want to know where the workshop got its start, here is the origin story of a heroic event (written by co-organizer Beatrice Aucoin):

The We Can Be Heroes writing workshop fundraiser is being held on July 30 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm at Loft 112 in support Brett Bergie’s cycling journey in The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer. The Ride is an epic two-day, 200-kilometre trek via bike in Calgary and surrounding areas to raise funds for the Alberta Cancer Foundation. Every dollar raised goes directly to support groundbreaking cancer research, education, and compassionate care in the province.

Beatrice Aucoin, Brett’s wife, is a writer and former teacher who was diagnosed with stage 3a invasive ductal carcinoma at the age of 36 in February 2015, after being mistakenly diagnosed with stage 0 ductal carcinoma in December 2014. Brett and Beatrice understand firsthand how difficult going through cancer treatments are, which is why The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer is important to them. They can’t do this alone, however, which is why Beatrice has partnered with Tiffany Sostar to present this writing workshop fundraiser to the community.

Beatrice originally got the idea for the workshop based on a discussion she had with her former University of Alberta education writing professor, Alberta writer Tom Wharton, about a dream Tom had in which Batman was telling Tom that he needed to write. Tom taught Beatrice about how to run writing workshops, the skills for which she is bringing in organizing this fundraiser.

There are three easy ways to donate to the fundraiser: 1) directly on Brett’s fundraising page at
2) a printed donation form, which will be available at the fundraiser, with a cheque made out to The Ride to Conquer Cancer or filled in with credit card information
3) cash donation
All online and mailed-in donations over $10 are eligible for a tax receipt.
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