Way back in February, Possibilities, the bisexual/pansexual/asexual and trans-inclusive community group, met to talk about self-care in queer relationships. As always, I took a million notes in order to generate a resource based on that conversation.

But that conversation was so rich and so full of themes and ideas and nuanced concepts, and I’ve started my grad studies now… it took quite a bit longer than usual to generate.

But now! At long last!!

The Self-Care in Queer Relationships resource is ready. (Link is to PDF.)

This document touches on queer friendships, navigating family dynamics, romantic relationships, sexual health, breaking up, and forgiveness. It doesn’t even begin to do justice to our conversation, and I suspect this will be just the first of a series of resources on this topic (I know for sure there is at least one blog post waiting, on the topic of the closet and self-care).

I am so thankful to everyone who contributed to the conversation, and to Stephen and Zac who both asked that their names be included, and to Zac Hickey for editing this document.

The March Possibilities topic is Self-Care for Queer Geeks, and since I’m in Australia (!!!) for an Advanced Narrative Skills teaching block, my partner Scott will be facilitating. They are eminently qualified to run a discussion on the topic of queerness, self-care, and geekery, since they have years of experience DMing tabletop RPGs that are intentionally gender and orientation inclusive, consent-focused, and welcoming of diverse identities. There will be a resource created following this conversation, too, and I’m excited to see how we manage that!

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