Over at The Undercurrent we’re having a Wednesday scavenger hunt. You can join, too!

Find as many of the following as possible. If you want, report back. If you find all of these by midnight on Friday (March 29, 2019), and send me a message letting me know, you’ll win a prize. I’m not sure what the prize is yet. I’ll let you know.

Find the following (literal or metaphorical):

  • One very soft thing.
  • One very rough thing.
  • One sentence that makes you laugh.
  • One beloved song that you haven’t heard in over a year. 
  • One greeting sent to someone you miss.
  • One moment of balance.
  • One salty thing.
  • One sweet thing.
  • One flickering thing.
  • One picture of a tree.
  • One word that connects you to a cherished value.
  • One demonstration of a skill you’re proud of.
  • One attempt at a brand new thing (taste, skill, activity, musical genre, book – whatever!)

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