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What is the story you tell yourself when you look in the mirror?

When you reflect on the day?

When you think about your past, your present, your future?

Those stories shape how you see yourself and the world around you, and how you respond to situations and stressors. Some of these stories are positive, hopeful, wholehearted. But others are full of fear, shame, and internalized stereotypes and negative stories.

Self-care coaching can help you thrive by helping you develop sustainable and effective habits and strategies, regardless of the ongoing challenges in your life.

Narrative coaching can help you see clearly what stories you’ve internalized, and then intentionally keep the helpful ones and transform the helpful into something more whole, more true, more you.

And these two focuses work together holistically to give you immediately applicable coping strategies and support as you examine and transform your inner narratives. You already are the protagonist and the narrator of your own story – nobody can give you that power, and nobody can take it away. But often we lose connection to our deep self-storying abilities, and self-care and narrative coaching can help us get back in touch with that knowledge.

I can also help you write a new story through my “Transformative Year” package.



We can work together one-on-one, or with a group. My coaching style is collaborative and holistic – we will co-create a plan that will help you navigate, understand, and transform your life story in a way that feels sustainable, stable, and wholehearted.

Self-Care Resources

Are you looking for immediate and accessible help? You’ll find resources here. This category will be growing over the next year as I complete projects. These free resources are made possible by my patrons on Patreon and I appreciate it so much.

Writing in the Margins Workshops

From writing intensives, retreats, and groups to the monthly Smutty Story Circle, Writing in the Margins has offered accessible, sex-positive, queer- and trans-friendly, intersectional feminist writing spaces for the last seven years. We focus on creative non-fiction, fiction, and poetry.


Have you written something amazing? I can edit your fiction, creative non-fiction, academic paper, dissertation, or book. I bring a gentle and insightful editing voice, and a keen eye for detail. I read for grammar and style, of course, but what I’m best at is reading for intersectionality, accessibility, and queer and feminist politics.

Sostar Self Care on Facebook

Sostar Self Care on Facebook

2 days ago

Tiffany Sostar

Call for submissions!Call for Submissions! STARDUST is an all new zine that highlights the experiences of trans and queer parents, parents-to-be, and caretakers TTC (trying to conceive), currently pregnant, chest-feeding or breastfeeding, adopting children, co-parenting, experiencing infertility, doing birthwork, seeking surrogacy, and more! STARDUST is grounded in the following principles (not exhaustive): Cissexist, racist, classist, ableist, heteronormative pregnancy, child-bearing, and family-building models are harmful and fail to encapsulate immense diversity of queer and trans families and their family-building journeys. Your family is valid. There is no right way to become a parent and there are many ways to parent and yet, so many queer and trans families are unable to access the social, cultural, and legal acceptance that ensures our survival. Many queer and trans people are healing from childhood trauma or did not have a positive, caring parents growing up. We are ending the cycle of violence. We are learning to parent authentically with love, justice, and gentleness. Through struggle, we become each other’s families. You are loved. You deserve better. Few authentic representations of trans and queer pregnancy and chestfeeding exist in our culture without spectacle, fetishization, and sensationalism. Trans and queer pregnancy does not cater to the white cishet gaze and our pregnant non-binary, trans, genderfluid, gender non-conforming bodies defy categorization. We create our own images and tell our own stories. Your pregnancy is as unique as you are. Not all trans and queer pregnancy stories end in birth. We acknowledge that for some members of our community, abortion is a part of their story while others may experience miscarriages. These stories are important and valid in their own right. We see you. You belong here. Trans and queer bodies often experience heightened medicalization and subjected to pathologization by care providers. We talk back to the medical system from our hospital beds, our birthing tubs, our bedrooms, our living room couches, the operating room, our places of worship, in unison with our queer and trans siblings under the night sky...we give birth to our stories through tears, moans, and self-doubt. We catch them in our hands and marvel at our immense resilience. We swaddle them with hope and longing. You’re still here. The theme for the first issue of STARDUST is “firsts.” Potential topics might include (but are not limited to!): Perspective Pieces -First time pregnant? Tell us your story! What are/were your hopes, dreams, and fears as a trans or queer pregnant person? -New parent? Tell us about your experiences as a new parent. What “firsts” were the most exciting/terrifying/thrilling/confusing/scary etc for you? -First time TTC? Share your journey with other TTC readers. What was going through your mind the first time you decided to TTC? Did you have IVF/IUI/ICI? What were some important “firsts” for you? -For Supportive partners, caretakers, family members, what were your most memorable family-building milestones? Which “firsts” were the most memorable for you? -Got tips for first-time queer and trans parents/parents-to-be? Offer supportive and non-judgemental tips and words of wisdom for others starting their own family-building journey. Political Pieces -Decolonizing birth, pregnancy options, and family-building. -First-families, adoption, and blended families. -Gender expression, pregnancy, and chest-feeding. -Activism, supporting and clearing paths for queer and trans pregnant persons and their families. Creative Pieces -Photographs, drawings, collages, doodles, comics etc that honor the diversity of queer and trans family-building. -Fictional stories about queer and trans families. -Poems about TTC, miscarriage, abortion, surrogacy, IUI/ICI/IVF, breastfeeding or chestfeeding. -Have an idea not listed here? Submit anyway! It is a myth that you must be a “good writer” or “good artist” to submit to a zine. We welcome many kinds of writing and artwork: essays, poetry, short stories, photography, doodles, rants, drawings, cartoons/comics, collage…and more! Send your submissions to before May 31st, 2019. For written submissions, please use Microsoft Word and submit your writing in .doc or .docx format. (Please try to limit submissions to 1500 words. We are flexible. Let us know if you need a little extra space.) For artwork, please attach high resolution .jpg images to your email. All photography must be accompanied by the subject’s consent. Please include a title for your artwork and feel free to share any information you think would be pertinent for readers to know about your piece (i.e.: medium, location, tools used). Contributors have the option of sharing a short bio or publishing their work anonymously. All artists and authors will receive a free copy of the zine. We vigorously affirm and prioritize the writing of Queer and Trans Black, Indigenous People of Color (QTBIPOC). ... See MoreSee Less

Call for submissions!
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Know your stories, know yourself.