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What is the story you tell yourself when you look in the mirror?

When you reflect on the day?

When you think about your past, your present, your future?

Those stories shape how you see yourself and the world around you, and how you respond to situations and stressors. Some of these stories are positive, hopeful, wholehearted. But others are full of fear, shame, and internalized stereotypes and negative stories.

Self-care coaching can help you thrive by helping you develop sustainable and effective habits and strategies, regardless of the ongoing challenges in your life.

Narrative coaching can help you see clearly what stories you’ve internalized, and then intentionally keep the helpful ones and transform the helpful into something more whole, more true, more you.

And these two focuses work together holistically to give you immediately applicable coping strategies and support as you examine and transform your inner narratives. You already are the protagonist and the narrator of your own story – nobody can give you that power, and nobody can take it away. But often we lose connection to our deep self-storying abilities, and self-care and narrative coaching can help us get back in touch with that knowledge.

I can also help you write a new story through my “Transformative Year” package.



We can work together one-on-one, or with a group. My coaching style is collaborative and holistic – we will co-create a plan that will help you navigate, understand, and transform your life story in a way that feels sustainable, stable, and wholehearted.

Self-Care Resources

Are you looking for immediate and accessible help? You’ll find resources here. This category will be growing over the next year as I complete projects. These free resources are made possible by my patrons on Patreon and I appreciate it so much.

Writing in the Margins Workshops

From writing intensives, retreats, and groups to the monthly Smutty Story Circle, Writing in the Margins has offered accessible, sex-positive, queer- and trans-friendly, intersectional feminist writing spaces for the last seven years. We focus on creative non-fiction, fiction, and poetry.


Have you written something amazing? I can edit your fiction, creative non-fiction, academic paper, dissertation, or book. I bring a gentle and insightful editing voice, and a keen eye for detail. I read for grammar and style, of course, but what I’m best at is reading for intersectionality, accessibility, and queer and feminist politics.

Sostar Self Care on Facebook

Sostar Self Care on Facebook

Tiffany Sostar shared Sarah's Scribbles's post.

I'm fairly sure all of my Transformative Year clients would agree, this is how we make progress through our big projects!
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Im fairly sure all of my Transformative Year clients would agree, this is how we make progress through our big projects!

Tiffany Sostar shared their event.

I'm still working on the follow-up blog post for Sunday's (truly phenomenal) self-care salon, but if you're just so flippin' excited about these events (as you really should be, because AMAZE), here you go! In January, Vincci Tsui, RD will be giving a presentation on bodies, food, and health, challenging the fatphobic and weight-centric ideas of health that are so pervasive, especially at the beginning of the year.
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Tiffany Sostar added an event.

Welcome to the Self-Care Salon!

The January salon will challenge the current discourse on weight, bodies and health, and seek to redefine what it really means to be "healthy".

According to Statistic Brain, nearly 1 in 3 people make a weight-related New Year's resolution. Given our fatphobic and weight-shaming culture, it's easy to imagine that many of these resolutions are rooted in shame, fear, internalized narratives about what kind of bodies are good or acceptable bodies.

This discussion will approach the topics of weight, bodies, and health from a size-inclusive and explicitly anti-diet position. This is both because of the research that indicates that mainstream approaches to weight loss are counterproductive and harmful (the vast majority—some studies cite up to 95%—of attempts at weight loss do not result in weight loss, that dieting increases the risk of disordered eating and that most people end up at a higher weight than they started), and also because the self-care salon is an intentionally anti-oppressive space. All bodies are good bodies, and all bodies are welcome in this space.

This discussion will touch on issues of fatphobia, medicalized and pathologized fat bodies, disordered eating, and other potentially triggering topics.

Vincci is a Registered Dietician who has moved from working within the mainstream model of health, to challenging those ideas, and emerging into her new nutritional ethic after encountering the Health At Every Size movement and confronting the trauma and internalized narratives of shame and fear in her clients. She is now an advocate for intuitive eating, radical food acceptance, and placing individuals - rather than medical models - as the experts in their own lives and needs.

When we consider the hurt, harm, trauma, and distress caused by the diet industry and our society's unrealistic standards of "health" (let alone beauty!), can we really say that losing weight is self-care or self-improvement? Let's talk about it!

Please note that any discussion of our own bodies and experiences is welcome, but we will not engage in pathologizing or judging other bodies or experiences during this discussion. This includes passing judgement on other people's choices to have surgery, to diet, to eat in ways that we consider unhealthy (for whatever reason), or to otherwise engage in weight-related behaviours. We are each living within the same fatphobic, diet-centric, food-shaming culture, and we are each doing the best that we can with the resources, skills, and narratives available to us.

Hopefully, this discussion will present us with new resources, skills, and narratives to take into the new year and beyond!

Wondering what this is all about?

Each month, we'll meet for tea and snacks and discussion - an opportunity to take a deep dive into a specific self-care topic, with space for your questions and insights.

Each self-care salon will include a short presentation by a community expert - someone who can speak from their own experience about a self-care related topic. "Expertise" in this context is a broad and inclusive word, not limited to folks with letters after their names or professional designations, and recognizing the expertise that we each gain over the course of our lives. If you're interested in presenting, get in touch!

These workshops are intended to be as accessible as possible. The space is wheelchair accessible (through the back door), with a separate space for folks who are experiencing sensory overwhelm to chill out, and gluten-free and vegan snack options.

The cost for the workshop is $50 or pay-what-you-want. Nobody will be turned away for financial reasons. The first two workshops will be offered at a discount, because the holiday season is often a time of financial strain even for those of us who are not dealing with economic insecurity.

Sustainable and ethical self-care is not possible without intentional and compassionate community care, and the Indigenous communities whose land we live on are often forgotten. These workshops take place on Treaty 7 land, and the traditional territories of the Blackfoot, Siksika, Piikuni, Kainai, Tsuutina, and Stoney Nakoda First Nations, including Chiniki, Bearspaw, and Wesley First Nation. This land is also home to Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 3.

10% of the proceeds from the December workshop will be given to the Awo Taan Healing Lodge.
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Know your stories, know yourself.

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