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Your stories, your self.

What is the story you tell yourself when you look in the mirror?

When you reflect on the day?

When you think about your past, your present, your future?

Those stories shape how you see yourself and the world around you, and how you respond to situations and stressors. Some of these stories are positive, hopeful, wholehearted. But others are full of fear, shame, and internalized stereotypes and negative stories.

Self-care coaching can help you thrive by helping you develop sustainable and effective habits and strategies, regardless of the ongoing challenges in your life.

Narrative coaching can help you see clearly what stories you’ve internalized, and then intentionally keep the helpful ones and transform the helpful into something more whole, more true, more you.

And these two focuses work together holistically to give you immediately applicable coping strategies and support as you examine and transform your inner narratives. You already are the protagonist and the narrator of your own story – nobody can give you that power, and nobody can take it away. But often we lose connection to our deep self-storying abilities, and self-care and narrative coaching can help us get back in touch with that knowledge.

I can also help you write a new story through my “Transformative Year” package.



We can work together one-on-one, or with a group. My coaching style is collaborative and holistic – we will co-create a plan that will help you navigate, understand, and transform your life story in a way that feels sustainable, stable, and wholehearted.

Self-Care Resources

Are you looking for immediate and accessible help? You’ll find resources here. This category will be growing over the next year as I complete projects. These free resources are made possible by my patrons on Patreon and I appreciate it so much.

Writing in the Margins Workshops

From writing intensives, retreats, and groups to the monthly Smutty Story Circle, Writing in the Margins has offered accessible, sex-positive, queer- and trans-friendly, intersectional feminist writing spaces for the last seven years. We focus on creative non-fiction, fiction, and poetry.


Have you written something amazing? I can edit your fiction, creative non-fiction, academic paper, dissertation, or book. I bring a gentle and insightful editing voice, and a keen eye for detail. I read for grammar and style, of course, but what I’m best at is reading for intersectionality, accessibility, and queer and feminist politics.

Sostar Self Care on Facebook

Sostar Self Care on Facebook

1 day ago

Tiffany Sostar

In line with yesterday’s hopeful daydreaming about having a physical space to host my groups, this morning I am daydreaming about all the publications where I would like to see my writing published someday.

Guts Magazine, Briarpatch, Room Magazine, Ruminate - places where I go for hope and inspiration and for the kind of writing that deepens my thinking.

I love writing, and I have loved writing my entire life. I have always dreamed of being A Writer, of sharing words that move others.

This morning, I am reconnecting to this dream, and sitting on my bed imagining having the time and space to write for publication.

I am sharing these small hopeful daydreams because I, like many folks these days, am struggling with despair and with hopelessness.

I’ve been thinking about how to respond to these feelings, and I have a new project almost ready to launch (patrons got a sneak peek at it yesterday!). For now, though, daydreaming is part of how I’m holding onto my own life this week.

I would love to hear your small hopeful daydreams. How are you holding on? What brings you joy to imagine?
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Helena Agnieszka, here is the post you were asking about!

I had a beautiful moment yesterday, when my partner and I were talking about our dreams... I said my dream was to be a writer and a therapist. And then I suddenly dawned on me - I already am both! In my heart of hearts, I am a writer and I am a therapist, already! No one else gets to say!!! I do! Wow. I felt so joyful when I really realized that I do not have to wait for anything at all to establish my life loves.

My own apartment (no roommates) and 2 fur babies after I’m done my masters

1 day ago

Tiffany Sostar

I think that this is really important. Strengthening our connections to the values that we hold, and to the histories of those values, can help us get through this hard and heartbreaking time./DM K [Image description: A lone rider on a black horse trudges out of a flooded roadway in a punishing rainstorm, a thick, wet cloak draped over her. Before her, a path winds towards a drab little village, its straw thatched roofs heavy with rainwater. She heard from a reputable source that this village has a hobgoblin problem, and she's not willing to ignore it. Above her is text reading "Things happening in the news right now feel really frightening, don't they? But honestly, they'd be so much worse if you didn't care, if they could pass unnoticed. Apathy is soothing, but dangerous. Your heartbreak means something." Also, the horse's name is 'Bartholomew.'] ... See MoreSee Less

I think that this is really important. Strengthening our connections to the values that we hold, and to the histories of those values, can help us get through this hard and heartbreaking time.
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Know your stories, know yourself.